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Chocolate Wine Dessert Sauces

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Butterscotch Scotch Liqueur Sauce Butterscotch Scotch Liqueur Sauce 375ml Bottle

A luscious blend of Butterscotch and Scotch blended into a sauce for ice cream, coffee or cakes.

Our Price: $24.95
Chocolate Amaretto Wine Sauce Chocolate Amaretto Wine Sauce 375ml Bottle

A lucious blend of chocolate and Amaretto blended into a sauce for ice cream.

Our Price: $24.95
Chocolate Cabernet Wine Sauce Chocolate Cabernet Wine Sauce 375ml Bottle

An indulgence made with chocolate and Cabernet wine.

Our Price: $24.95
Transform your desserts from ordinary to decadent with one of our chocolate wine sauces. Indulge in dessert sauces made with a luscious blend of rich chocolate and tantalizing liqueur. Move over breakfast, because dessert just became the more important meal of the day.

Our sauces are the perfect topping for ice cream, fruits, brownies or just about anything else. Enjoy an enthusiastic mix of amaretto wine or cabernet blended into a pourable chocolatey sauce. Try our dark chocolate espresso liqueur sauce and end your nights with an amazing treat that tastes even better than it sounds. We also carry butterscotch liqueur sauces for those looking for a sweeter experience. Sink into our dessert sauces and wonder how we managed to bottle a tiny slice of chocolate heaven. Our sauces make an excellent gift for any chocolate lover, and who could blame you if you also grabbed one of these irresistible treats for yourself?