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Roasted Cocoa Nibs Roasted Cocoa Nibs

Roasted cocoa nibs 3oz bag

Our Price: $5.50
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder from Whetstone Chocolates Unsweetened Cocoa Powder 7oz Tin

Unsweetened Chocolate Powder To Enrich Your Baked Goods

Baking cocoa and unsweetened cocoa powder are usually used interchangeably because they are technically the same thing. However, they shouldn’t be confused with Dutch-process cocoa powder since unsweetened cocoa powder will make all the difference when you’re baking certain things.

The unsweetened cocoa powder by Whetstone Chocolates was curated to perfection to provide that rich, palatable, chocolatey taste to your baked goods.

Our Price: $9.50

Roasted Cocoa Nibs & Baking

Roasted cocoa nibs deliver a delightful bitter shock to any dessert. Most people are used to eating sweetened chocolate that is packed full of sugar. However, cocoa nibs are pieces of the cocoa bean crunched up and not blended together or artificially sweetened like they are for most brands of chocolate. This allows the true extra-bitter and fruity flavor of the bean to come out in full force, adding a level of depth and crunch to any treat.

The secret to bringing out the most flavor from cocoa nibs lies in how they are roasted. Just like with most nuts, cocoa takes on a much bolder and enriched flavor with a bit of heat. Once expertly roasted, these bitter delicacies make the perfect baking ingredient. Put other forms of baking chocolate to shame by mixing roasted cocoa nibs into your favorite desserts. Sprinkle them on ice cream or add them to cookie dough or brownies and bake them right in to add an extra flavorful punch. No matter how you use them, cocoa nibs take any dessert from good to fantastic!