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Old-Fashioned Chocolate Fudge

Henry and Esther Whetstone started a business making fudge in their small kitchen at home over 40 years ago. The recipes for their fudge have improved since then, and continue to improve with each batch. Our fudge is still made the old-fashioned way, in small batches cooked with the freshest ingredients for the best flavor. Taste the difference with quality homestyle fudge — you'll never go back to the cookie-cutter brands again.

We are bringing our signature old-fashioned fudge into the modern era with online orders and at-home delivery.
Check out our selection of delicious fudge flavors. While chocolate fudge is a timeless classic, we also have peanut butter fudge, mint chocolate chip, coconut, praline, key lime and more. Boxes come in four delectable mix-and-match squares so you can try more of our yummy creations. For delicious desserts that will make your mouth water, order online from Whetstone Chocolates.