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Sebastian 80% Dark 80 gram Bar Aviles Milk Chocolate 80g Bar (31% Cocoa) De Leon Dark Chocolate 80g Bar (47% Cocoa)
Sebastian 80% Dark 80 gram Bar

San Marco White Chocolate 80g Bar Cordova 31% Milk Bars 8oz Bag Select Blend Aviles Milk Chocolate 8 oz Bag 31% Cocoa

Select Blend De Leon Dark Chocolate Bag (47% Cocoa) 8oz Select Blend Menendez Dark Chocolate Bag (72% Cocoa) 8oz Select Blend San Marco White Chocolate Bag 8oz
Select Blend Sebastian Dark Chocolate Bag (80% Cocoa) 8oz

Enjoy decadent chocolate creations made from the finest ingredients. We offer gourmet chocolate bars and bags that are shipped straight to your door. Choose from an array of flavors such as De Leon dark chocolate, Aviles milk chocolate, San Marco white chocolate and more. Can't decide what to pick? Try our sample pack of four delicious chocolate bars and see which you like best. From the rich full flavor of our select blend 80% dark chocolate bars to sweet milk chocolate, there's plenty to choose from. With so many different flavors and styles, we’ve got the perfect treat for even the most picky chocolate connoisseur.

Each of our delicious chocolate bars is also available as an 8oz bag of chocolate pieces. Get the candy you crave in tiny bite-sized pieces, perfect for breaking up your treat across multiple snacks so you can enjoy the chocolatey goodness even longer.